European Landscape Architecture Student Association or shortly ELASA promotes the support, cooperation, exchange of ideas and experiences as well as understanding between students of landscape related fields from all over Europe. Every year ELASA carries out an annual meeting in the summer together with mini-meeting in the spring. These meetings take place in different country every year and are organized by landscape architecture students from that particular country.

As ELASA functions as an open association without any board everything is based on enthusiasm, passion and spontaneity of the students. This steady zeal of students is the reason for ELASA self-regulating system and its continuous function since 1990. Therefore feel free to become a part of this exceptional association and explore Czech republic on our minimeeting!



As you probably already gathered we are presenting here the spring mini-meeting of 2018, which will take place in the Czech republic from the 6th of May till the 11th of May. Everything will start in the beautiful village of Lednice, which is the location of UNESCO’s World heritage cultural landscape as well as the home of Mendel university and its departments of Landscape architecture and planning. It is also our home, for most of the year, and we would like to share its magic with you! And if you are more into the city life and architecture, don’t you worry! The minimeeting contains the visit of lovely city of Brno and ends in the glorified capital city of Prague. If you have any questions or worries and you can’t find any answers or reassurance on this page, feel free to contact us!


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